Thursday, November 16, 2017


I watched this interview and am left in doubt of my need to go through a very steep and urgent learning curve on this issue. The classroom and the workplace of my children will be a very different one from that which I experienced.

This seems like a primer which I have just started to read.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

For the pod: Hard pressed

For those of you who feel 'hard pressed on every side'- this Ransomed Heart podcast is worth a listen. 

You can also listen to Part 2 and Part 3 which follow-on with this theme.

Monday, November 13, 2017

With- In- Upon

'The Holy Spirit was with us prior to our conversion. He came alongside us to convince us to surrender our lives to the Lord. Once we opened our heart, He then came in us, giving us power to say yes to God's will and to resist all that is not compatible with His way. Then in response to our soul's longing for intimacy with God, the Holy spirit came upon us, empowering us to deny ourselves and to reach out to others that they may also learn from Him'

Free to shine, Opening the gift of Tongues, p 43

'I am convinced that the need of the church is to realize again the activity of the Holy Spirit. You see, we organize meetings, organize campaigns, but that is because very largely we have forgotten the element that I am trying to emphasize to you. When the Spirit comes his evidence is unmistakable and the results amazing and astounding'

Joy unspeakable, p 120

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sabbatical reading

The subject of my reading and prayer over the last couple of months has been the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Revival. As an aside, I was reading an old journal where I had asked a friend what I should read on my ordination retreat. He said 'Romans and the best book on the Holy Spirit you can find'

Oh and I have been fasting all media for eight weeks and it's been a joy and I do recommend it.

My reading was as follows and as to its fruit - well only time will tell:

Taking my God for a Walk: A wonderful tale of a man walking the Camino.

When breath becomes air: A moving and wonderfully written book about death and dying. It made me sob uncontrollably.

Conclave: A total page-turner on how you pick the Pope.

The Rosie Project: Light, funny and profound.

Joy Unspeakable: It is hard to sum up what this book has done in me and one of the reasons I can't is it's still in motion. Get this book, read this book and may it set you aflame.

Face to Face with God:  I read this with Lloyd Jones and was struck how similar it was in parts.

Great Revivals: A taster book of where God has moved his hand through history.

Defining Moments: The stories of revivalists and what we can learn from them.

Living Forward: One quote in this prompted me to start writing a book.

Draw the Circle: A forty day journey of prayer which is worth the walk. Packed with interesting facts and perspectives.

The Shepherds Life: A wonderful book about being a shepherd by a shepherd. An immersion into beautiful writing and life in the Lakes.

Grace Outpouring: The account of what happens when you pray. This book tells the incredible story of the place I stayed in Wales. I can't recommend it highly enough. You should visit and then see what happens next.....

The Way of Blessing: I read this while I was in Wales and it follows right on with the story of what God is doing through Flald y Brenin.

The Revival We Need: Recommended by Roy Godwin and it cut me to the core. The impact of this book on my heart and soul is still under way. I will keep you posted.

Intercessor: I read this nearly thirty years ago and have revisited it after a visit to The Bible College of Wales. If Rees Howells has never crossed your path it's time he did. Astounding.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

True Revival

Would we think of calling a doctor before we were sick? Do we urge people who are well and strong to hasten to the physician? Does the man who is swimming well beseech those on the shore to come and save him? Certainly, not!  But let sickness come, and at once we feel our need and a doctor is called. We know that we require a remedy. When we feel ourselves sinking below the surface, and realise that we are drowning, we will then soon call for help, and oh, the agony through which we pass as we find ourselves going down and know that unless someone saves us, we are lost and must perish!

So it is with a perishing soul. When a man is convicted of his lost condition he will cry out in anguish of heart: "What must I do to be saved?' He will need no urging, no coaxing; it is a matter of life and death to him, and he will do anything to be saved.'

.....'A revival always includes conviction of sin on the part of the church. Backslidden professors cannot wake up and begin right away in the service of God without deep searchings of heart. The fountains of sin need to be broken up. In a true revival, Christians are always brought under such conviction; they see their sins in such light that often they find it impossible to maintain a hope of their acceptance with God. It does not always go to that extent, but there are always, in a genuine revival, deep convictions of sin, and often cases of abandoning all hope'

Charles Finney

Quotes from 'The Revival we Need', p 45, 52 

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

For the pod: The Father Wound

I have revisited some of John Eldredge's books and he speaks often of something he calls ...'the father wound'. This same phrase was then the pivotal subject of this talk and it impacted me profoundly. It has moved a number of men I have shared it with- including some who are not yet Christians so I pass it forward.

We are all so very broken (including Driscoll himself as most know) and I am so thankful for the Cross.....

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Denial of power

'Work among believers of itself will not suffice. It matters not how spiritual a church may profess to be, if souls are not saved something is radically wrong, and the professed spirituality is a false experience, a delusion of the devil. People who are satisfied to meet together simply to have a good time among themselves are far away from God. Real spirituality always has an outcome. There will be a yearning and a love for souls. We have gone to places that have a name of being deep and very spiritual, and have often found that it was all in the head, the heart was unmoved, and there was, not, infrequently, hidden sin somewhere. "Having a form of godliness but no power thereof'. Oh, the pathos of it all! Let us then challenge our spirituality and ask what it produces, for nothing less than a genuine revival in the body of Christ resulting in a true awakening among the unsaved will ever satisfy the heart of God'

The Revival We Need, Oswald J Smith, p24

If you are a Christian and your still breathing - read this book. It will change your life.......