Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bits and bobs

I love Matt Redmond's 'Random thoughts' and this one makes me want to go and buy the new Radiohead album.

Thinking Anglicans has a whole lot of stuff on the C of E getting managerial that includes a quote from Ric Thorpe who is splendid. Eugene Peterson is not a fan of the managerial in ministry.

Ever since I discovered my Myers Briggs profile on a course run by Deidre Tidy it has been of interest to me. Here is some stuff on what book to read depending on your MB profile.  If you'd like more this is about best leadership type by profile. Eugene Peterson hates Myers Briggs.

This open letter to someone having an affair is powerful, Eugene Peterson hates divorce and the pain it causes as he described to me once in his talks on Ephesians.

15 verses to get into you (h/t Challies)

This review by Denny Burk has horrified and stuck with me long after I read it as its implications will with you I imagine.  On that same topic, Mrs C and I watched 'Spotlight' which is a terrifying and compelling film not to be missed.

I happened upon this book list on prayer. On balance Eugene would I think approve.

A friend went to work with Jackie Pullinger for three weeks and while she was there read 'Different: living the holy life'. It impacted her greatly and she tells me it will you if you read it. Eugene is a fan of holiness.

Searching for a sermon I listened to recently, I found this post entitled 'The 7 Greatest sermons I've ever heard' . I plan to listen through a few of them for my holiday devotions, refreshment, inspiration and refilling. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, no Eugene. He's not everyone's cuppa.

I've revisited 'The Passionate church' and think it holds such good visual tools for discipleship.

In August I've seen and visited lots of people in our church and its been wonderful and so very encouraging. Looking out over all the people in our garden at our recent church BBQ I felt deeply moved (once again) by God's grace to us all.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Tuesday bits and bobs

1. I caught this on Radio 4 'Brexit and the English Reformation' which was fascinating.

2. Someone spoke to me recently about this book which looks interesting.

3. A carer looking after my mum's friend gave her the book of the story of her life which is called 'Ordinary people finding Jesus'.  My mum read it and then gave it to me. I have just started it.

4. This article is interesting entitled 'How to accomplish more by doing less'

5. An interesting piece on respected theologian Wayne Grudem endorsing Donald Trump.

6. The founder of Ted pick his 'Top 5 talks'

7. 'Nine ways to keep your prayer life fresh' and 'Nine ways to keep your Bible reading fresh'.

8. John Piper reflects on when it is right to leave a church.

9. Louie Giglio on burnout

10. What to do if you are in a spiritual dry spell.

Focus 2016

They only have one of the talks up which was by Archie Coates but it will give you a taste of Focus.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bits and bobs

1. Interesting piece in the Guardian about the Conservatives doing God again.

2. A review of 'Why vote leave' which new Tory cabinet ministers will probably all have on their bedside tables.

3. May's mission

4. We had a great word at 'The Sanctuary' (our monthly prayer night) on 'Come to me all you who are burdened'. This post on 'The spirituality of vacation' is worth a read.

5. A week until a crowd of us head off to Focus

6. I am preaching on spiritual gifts in a series inspired by reading 'Jesus continued'. This quote is included in Sunday's message.

"Whatever you are good at, do it well for the glory of God- and do it somewhere strategic for the mission of God " (p. 129)

7. Ian Paul on Synod's shared conversations. This post 'Where the difference lies' also caught my eye quoting Ruth Gledhill suggesting that sexuality issues have at their root the role of Biblical authority.

8. I learnt yesterday about Pokemon go

9. This photo made me smile.

10. I chatted with a mum today about video games and a particular incident her child had faced relating to 'Grand theft auto'. Driscoll was asked recently 'Should a Christian play video games'. I have in the past found his three categories: Receive, Reject or Redeem quite helpful when thinking about cultural engagement.